Hey there! My name's Ben. I'm an artist. You can contact me through email at artistbenjamindavis@gmail.com. Through that email, you can commission me to illustrate stuff for you, ask me about my day, or discuss consciousness and beef jerky with me. Keep reading if you'd like to know more about me.

I was born on the autumnal equinox and I own 3 sombreros. When I'm not making visual art I enjoy playing guitar and keyboard, and singing. Sometimes I sing at Karaoke. One time, I got booed at Karaoke on stage because some drunk guys thought I stole their friend's turn to sing when, in fact, it was I who requested Blink 182's First Date. Can you believe it?

I first started creating worlds and characters with my 4 siblings as a kid. We would play a game called "Journey" around the house which involved us pretending to be various characters with abilities and going on adventures. Sometimes this would involve a drawing session at the beginning so we could show each other what our characters looked like. Twenty-some years later and I'm still drawing characters, and creating worlds and stories, sometimes for myself, and sometimes for other people. I also once wrote the following thing about myself in the third person:

Ben creates larger than life fantasy illustrations for book covers, album covers, trading cards, and various other types of personal and professional projects. His personal work delves into themes of emotion, consciousness, creativity, spirituality, and other aspects of the human experience.

Thanks for checking out my work!